Reese's First Birthday Party

I'm a huge fan of birthdays, so photographing them is always a favorite of mine!  Happy Birthday Miss Reese!  This little gal has the best personality and her party was a "smashing" success!  ;)  I loved capturing precious images for everyone to look back on through the years.  <3 The theme was UNICORNS + amazing is that?!  There were lots of family + friends to help celebrate and have a good time!  Enjoy some dreamy images from the day below!      

The cutest unicorn cookies! 

These three are the sweetest! 

LOVE this image!  <3

Adrienne, Reese's momma, made this cake herself!  She has some serious talent! 

Enjoying her cake!! 

Reese's 1st Birthday-61.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-65.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-66.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-67.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-68.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-70.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-71.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-73.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-72.jpg

They set up a little unicorn ball pit!  So fun!

Reese's 1st Birthday-75.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-76.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-77.jpg

Best buds <3

Reese's 1st Birthday-78.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-79.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-80.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-81.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-84.jpg

Reese + her daddy!  That shirt is cracking me up!  :)

Reese's 1st Birthday-87.jpg
Reese's 1st Birthday-88.jpg