Meredith's Dance Session

I had the privilege of being Meredith's dance photographer this year (again!) and I am so glad I did!  Meredith and I are good friends, which always makes any session extra fun!  She is gorgeous and SO talented.  We had a fabulous evening walking around a local park and exploring different places, including a stream!  Scroll down to see some of my favorites....there are quite a few!  

This willow tree is officially a favorite background of mine.  It gives photos such a "magical" feel!

These shots were not the easiest to get, but they were WORTH IT!  Meredith is a total champ.  She literally climbed up the rocks like Tarzan..and then posed on them!  

My favorite from the evening.  So much talent!

I asked Meredith to dance a little bit in order to grab some action shots, and she totally rocked it.